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Even Bears Can Learn to Tango:
Leadership Wisdom for the Ages

Written by:
Ellee Koss, Ph.D.

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This is a unique book that is designed to provoke the reader into thinking and leading authentically.

It is a guide for anyone in a ‘leadership’ role. A CEO of a global enterprise, an executive director of a local not for profit organization, a coach of an athletic team, a teacher, the head of a household, and an elected official are all leaders in their domains. While the scope may differ, the principles of leadership are the same.

Thirty years of experience working with leaders in academia, industry, and community organizations has enabled Ellee to realize that the greatest source of wisdom lives inside of us. To be a successful and authentic leader one needs to be able to access this inner knowledge. Discovering where and how to look for it is the essence of this book.

Ellee has created a colorful, compact book with one idea, thought, question, or definition on each page. It is designed to provoke, to stimulate thought and creativity, and to inspire reaching inside and bringing out what is within. The book retails for $16.95.

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Reaction by the corporate community to the book has been extremely positive. This is a sample of some of the readers’ comments:

"It's like a 400 page management book without all of the crap!”
Don Lee, Don Lee Executive Search

“Don't be fooled by the playful and disarming style of this book – It gets right to the heart of the matter of how to be a leader. Thought-provoking quotations and rich analogies propel you on a journey to create a personal style of leadership -- one that can help you and your organization achieve all that you dare to take from dream to reality.

This book deserves to be read from start to finish and then reread just to absorb and savor its wisdom culled from a lifetime of learning and teaching. Dr. Koss understands that leadership is a process that involves both sides of the brain, and her book provides a carefully constructed roadmap for leaders intent on high performance. The author's passion for her subject comes through on every page.”
Jim Lapides, Entrepreneur/CEO, International Poster Gallery

“First of all I sat in my livingroom chair last Sunday after having a long day on Saturday with the woman that I’m writing my book with. I picked up your book and read it front to back. It held such relevance for me as I embark upon this project with another person (since I’m usually just solo in my work). I just LOVED it. It felt so precious to me, this guidance. Really wonderul, Ellee. I send you accolades on every level.”
Dr. Rhonda Emmert, Wholistic Endocrinologist

“What a clever, attractive presentation with great wisdom, guidelines, and insight. Even the busiest executive will find this easy to follow. I remember the management workshops that I have taken over the years, and wish they would have presented the material in a more appealing fashion. Congratulations.”
Ruth Oppenheim

“On the surface the first descriptive word that comes to my mind is whimsical. That’s the surface reading; the text is really quite deep and sends a helpful message, even to an old lady as I. Keep up the good work.”
Dr. Harriet Parmet

“Bears Can Tango ... is as entertaining as it is compelling, I keep going back to it for insights and guidance.”

“Your book will be a nice addition to any office or learning executive!”

“Even Bears Can Learn to Tango is great for my executive clients ... it's a book of dance lessons to navigate successfully in complex work environments."

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